Turn up the heat and season your getaway with spice at Hatmakers

Dining at Sadie Luton hotel is a gastronomical feast that takes inspiration from global cuisine. Visitors can indulge in a delectable menu filled with unforgettable flavours at the contemporary and chic restaurant.

After dinner, visitors can head over to Milliners Cocktail Bar, a vibrant and trendy bar that serves carefully crafted cocktails and irresistible snacks. The bar offers a perfect nightcap with a difference.

Sadie Luton hotel provides an opportunity to explore Luton's food and drinks scene without leaving the hotel. Guests can enjoy this unique culinary experience that celebrates global cultures in the heart of Luton.

Enjoy dining at Hatmakers Restaurant

At the Hatmakers restaurant at Sadie Luton Hotel, visitors can dine in a modern, stylish, and relaxed space that celebrates Luton's rich heritage.

The menu of international cuisine and exciting flavours prepared by the prestigious head chef offers a gastronomical journey for visitors. The restaurant's informal setting is filled with quirky nods to Luton's proud hat-making history, making the experience even more special. From steaks to curries, visitors can indulge in vibrant flavours and enjoy dining amidst the rich history of Luton.

Overall, Hatmakers offers a perfect fusion of modern and traditional that celebrates Luton's heritage through flavours and ambiance.

Milliners Cocktail Bar

Visitors can take their night to the next level at Sadie Luton Hotel's Milliners Cocktail Bar, where expert mixologists prepare delicious concoctions that are sure to impress.

The vibrant and trendy ambiance creates the perfect backdrop for visitors to relax and enjoy signature cocktails. The bright oranges, cool greys, and strikingly white countertops create a modern and stylish setting that is perfect for social media posts.

Visitors can unwind with a drink or signature cocktails at Milliners Cocktail Bar, making it more than just a pit-stop for pre-drinks. It's a trendy and stylish destination in Luton that offers visitors an impeccable and unforgettable experience.

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